Moor Spa’s Signature Ingredient – Austrian Deep Moor

Created by nature over 10,000 years ago, this nutrient-rich complex is derived from a multitude of herbs, plants and flowers and is revered for its therapeutic properties by both medical clinics and spas around the world.

Every Moor Spa product contains the unique Moor essence. This consists of a wide array of organic substances and minerals such as humic acid, fulvic acid, antioxidants, proteins and mineral salts that enhance the skin’s overall health.

How Is Moor Formed?

Moor is a rare form of nutrient-rich peat created by the gradual transformation of herbs, plants & flowers that have been permanently submerged under water or underground.

Free from the decaying effects of oxygen and in the correct climatic and biological conditions, the plant matter undergoes a ˜ripening” process over many thousands of years into a rich, black substance.

During this process all of the organic and inorganic substances within the plants are assimilated into the Moor resulting in a herbal complex with wonderful therapeutic properties.

Moor has been a part of traditional medical folklore throughout many parts of Central Europe for centuries. During the past 60 years, a wealth of clinical studies conducted on Moor therapy has confirmed that Moor indeed does possess a wide range of beneficial properties. As a result, hundreds of European physicians now use and recommend Moor treatments.

What Substances are in the Moor?

Here is a partial list of organic substances and minerals that are present within our Austrian Deep Moor: humic acid, fulvic acid, fatty acids, lignin, starch, humus substances, amino acids, volatile oils, nitrogen compounds, vitamins, organic sulfates, protein, resins, pectins, hemicellulose, cellulose, pigments, oxalic acid, iron salts, sulfur, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, calcium, sodium, iron, phosphoric acid, salicylic acid, potassium, boron, silicon, aluminum, phyto-hormones, and many more. 

Not Only Moor But Much More….

Over the past 15 years Moor Spa has added several other therapeutic gifts from Nature into its repertoire:

Algamoor: A moor substance derived from 16 species of Algae from Northern Germany. Provides intensive hydrating and nourishing benefits.

Kelp Enzyme: 5 million year old fossilized Kelp mined from 100ft below ground in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Loaded with calcium and enzymes which exfoliate and brighten the skin.

Himalayan Crystal Salt: Our source is mined by hand – maximizing the concentration of negative ions in the salt. Negative ions have a revitalizing effect on a cellular level and also remove life-depleting positive ions from the body.

Gemstone Clay: From a mountainous area on the remote west coast of Vancouver Island comes this rare green clay which includes a wealth of energetic gemstone minerals including quartz, agate and feldspar.

Marine Phytoplankton: Over 60 species of ocean-derived plankton form one of the most nutritious superfoods on the planet . Enormously rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fatty acids, amino acids and other phytochemicals.