Our Body Products

We’ve Got You Covered…

Moor Spa Body Care encompasses products for the whole body – from head to toes. It includes exquisite spa body treatments including body wraps, salt glow, hydrotherapy and massage as well as everyday-use products such as Foot Cream, Lip Balm Shower Gel and Deodorants. We’ve also harnessed the potent therapeutic properties of the Moor in a range of soothing products including our famous Tension Balm and Joint Balm.

Safe, Effective Products For The Whole Family

Moor Spa is rated as one of the safest product lines in the spa industry on consumer safety websites. Also, every product is certified safe and pure by CertClean®. So you can feel completely at peace knowing that whatever product you or your family is using, you will be nurtured and nourished by 100% natural source ingredients – no need to worry about having to identify potentially toxic chemicals that you would prefer to avoid.

Spa Body Treatments

Our spa body treatment products include several different body masks for body wraps including moor, algamoor, seaweed, gemstone clay and kelp enzyme masks plus our wonderful Himalayan crystal salt glow for intensive all-over exfoliation. Exfoliation is always recommended prior to body wraps in order to promote deeper penetration of active nutrients into the tissues during a treatment.

Moor for Wellness

We often like to remind ourselves that the Moor is, at its heart, a profound wellness-promoting substance. Taking a Moor Herbal Bath on a regular basis is one of nature’s greatest gifts – whether you’re suffering from joint or back pain, skin irritation or simply in need of a boost. However, you can also enjoy the Moor’s purifying and revitalizing effects in each and every product that we create. Everyone who tries our products agrees – they’re in a class of their own.